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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Frik-n-Frak's BLOG Update!

Frik-n-Frak's Blog Update

Hello Bloggers! It's been quite some time since we've posted an update, but WOW! ...Have we ever been busy!

As Cyber Monday approaches, we have been preparing a SALE for our customers at Frik-n-Frak's Curio Shack! Those of you who have subscribed to our Newsletter Mailing List will soon be receiving a notification detailing your exclusive "Insider" benefits! If you haven't yet subscribed to our newsletter, be sure to visit and get signed up! We regularly offer special discounts to our subscribers!

Both Frik AND Frak are about over their sicknesses. Jeeesh! Talk about a couple of months of being down! Yuk! We've both still got the lingering cough, but are WAY improved from even a few days ago.

Frik (or is he Frak?) ended up breaking a finger a week ago! Yup...what a klutz! For a few days it looked like a cartoon character finger! Although still a bit sore, it's much better. What a dope!

Frak (or is she Frik?) has masterfully decorated the Christmas tree! You should just see it! It's a real beauty! Although the instruction sheet said that the average time of assembly was 20 minutes, it was two and a half hours last night getting the 9 footer assembled! So, ok... maybe we're a bit slow. But, it's absolutely beautiful and was worth the effort! Very sparkly! to run Saturday errands! Be on the lookout for our Cyber Monday Special!

See ya!


Saturday, November 05, 2005

FUN STUFF at Frik-n-Frak's Curio Shack!

November 5, 2005
  • Brand New UtterlyUnique "Gift Giving" Puzzle!
  • JUMBO 3D Tic-Tac-Toe Games are back!
  • Dutch Auction SALE on one-of-a-kind UtterlyUnique Puzzle Boxes!

Brand New UtterlyUnique "Gift Giving" Puzzle!

...created exclusively for Frik-n-Frak by Tom Utter!

BEHIND BARS is the NEWEST addition to the Utterly Unique line of handcrafted puzzles! It is perhaps Tom Utter's boldest creation yet! ...a stunning piece!

"Behind Bars" is a gift giving puzzle! The idea is that a gift is trapped within the transparent chamber. Your gift recipient can see it, they just can't get at it -- until this very challenging puzzle is solved!

Production of Behind Bars is extremely limited! There are only be 30 puzzles available, ever! Each puzzle is numbered and comes with a Signed Certificate of Authenticity from the artist. Click HERE for more details!

One-of-a-kind UtterlyUnique Puzzle Boxes!
Dutch Auction SALE!

Tom Utter, the creator of the UtterlyUnique puzzle line, has provided us with a wonderful opportunity to offer you some of his beautiful, hand-crafted puzzle boxes here at Frik-n-Frak's Curio Shack! In typical Frik-n-Frak fashion, we figured..."Hey! Perfect opportunity to have a little fun!"

So here's how this "Dutch Auction" style SALE will work...

  • Only one UtterlyUnique Hand-Crafted and Puzzle Box will be featured at a time.
  • Each Puzzle Box is a one-of-a-kind creation and bears the artist's signature.
  • At least once each day (at a random time), the price will be reduced by a minimum of $2.00.
  • The featured Puzzle Box can be purchased at anytime by anyone at the current published price.
  • In the event that the Puzzle Box is purchased more than once prior to its removal from the site, the first customer purchase on file is awarded the Puzzle Box. In other words, each Puzzle Box is available strictly on a "first come - first served" basis. (An immediate refund will take place to the accounts of those customers not awarded the Puzzle Box.)

So, ya gonna chance it--hoping for a bargain? Or, do you snatch it up RIGHT NOW and gloat in the victory of it all? How LOW can it GO? Click HERE to see the FEATURED One-of-a-Kind Puzzle Box and the current price!

JUMBO 3D Tic-Tac-Toe Games are back! of the our popular and requested holiday gifts!

Large and Bold, it plays easily and displays even better! The goal is similar to the paper game that we've all enjoyed for years -- with a twist! Ya gotta think 3D with this one! Get three X's in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) before your friend gets three O's in a row. Frak wins this game everytime it seems -- grrrr!

Hope to see you soon at Frik-n-Frak's Curio Shack!