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Thursday, October 18, 2007

NEW Wooden Brain Teasers at

NEW Products Announcement :

  • Secret Love Puzzle Box
  • Twist and Shout Puzzle
  • Large Elephant Kumiki

Hello! ...from!

As promised, here's details of three more of the more than 20 BRAND NEW products that we're releasing over the days and weeks ahead at This evening, we are pleased to offer the following three NEW PRODUCTS...

The Secret Love Puzzle Box!
...a beautiful String Puzzle!

This very attractive wooden box has a wooden ring inside. The wooden ring is connected to a string which is connected to a small wooden heart which is connected to the box which... well, the idea is to free the wooden ring from the string. It's actually harder to solve than to explain! ...a beautifully made wooden puzzle!

TWIST and SHOUT Puzzle!
...a Sequential Movement Puzzle that will make you scream!

A super challenging sequential movement puzzle - Twist and Shout will make you want to scream! The object is to mix up the colored balls and then, by rotating the inner cylinders, align all balls of the same color in the same row. You thought the Rubik's Cube was tough? Twist and Shout appears to be every bit as challenging.


This 14 piece kumiki style wooden elephant puzzle is large and impressive! At nearly 6 inches long, it will display well anywhere in your home or office!

A common thought is that these KUMIKI puzzles evolved from training projects or assignments given to students by the master woodworkers of Japan centuries ago; an aid in the art of constructing wooden buildings using only interlocking pieces, no metal parts or fasteners. This type of construction proved immune to the effects of earthquakes so common in Japan.

If you happened to miss yesterday's NEW Products, they were:


Come check out ALL the intriguing puzzles and gifts at!


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