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Thursday, October 18, 2007

NEW Wooden Puzzles and Brain Teasers at

Hello! ...from!

We have recently received more than 20 BRAND NEW products and will be releasing them to you just as soon as we possibly can. Today, we are pleased to offer the following three NEW PRODUCTS...

...a NEW Frik-n-Frak Favorite!

Designed to resemble an antique medicine apothecary chest, this is one of the most unique and intriguing brain teasers we've seen in quite some time! The idea is to remove the 16 miniature "drawers" and then fit them all back into the chest. Deceptively difficult! A beauty of a piece!

...a beautiful wooden version of a classic brain teaser!

You are given 9 wooden “building complexes” and 1 wooden "water tower" to work with. As the "City Planner," your job is to lay them all into a City Block.Start by placing the water tower in any of the 13 holes that are in the wooden base. Now see if you can fit the rest of the buildings in place. If you are successful, try it with the water tower in a different starting point. Keep going and see if you can find all 13 possibilities! This is a fun and attractive puzzle that is quite challenging regardless of where you first place the water tower. Displays beautifully on a desk, shelf or table!

...does nothing at all!

Does absolutely ummm - well ...nothing! But, it does it so well! This old country wooden toy has one purpose and one purpose only - to bring a smile to your face! There's something delightfully entertaining about cranking the handle and watching the two wooden blocks pass back and forth and back and forth again and again through their dovetail tracks.
A fantastic executive desk toy!

Keep checking back regularly as we'll be announcing MANY more new products at in the days and weeks ahead!

Look forward to seeing you soon!


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