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Thursday, October 25, 2007

More NEW Wooden Puzzles and Brain Teasers at!

NEW Products Released Today!

  • Deluxe Tower of Hanoi
  • Dragon Burr
  • Wooden Pig Kumiki Puzzle!
  • Grape Cluster Puzzle

Hello from Frik-n-Frak!

Just wanted to let you know that we've rolled out 4 more NEW products for you at! Also, we heard rumor of a FREE Shipping Friday Special, too! ...details below!

Deluxe Tower of Hanoi
...a beautiful NEW design!

This premium Tower of Hanoi game is larger than previously offered at Frik-n-Frak's and features newly designed "pagoda style" plates! The lid slides conveniently on and off for game setup and for securing the game pieces. Tower of Hanoi continues to be very popular for use in math lessons at school and in management aptitude tests.

Dragon Burr 18 piece 6x6x6 super difficult burr!

This is one of the most challenging wooden puzzles that we offer! Produced by our friends at Creative Crafthouse, the quality of this new burr is exceptional! The wooden pieces are 3.75 inches in length. Sharp edges have been broken and beveled for a softer look and feel. ...super nice!

Kumiki Pig Puzzle
...Oink! Oink! This little piggy will drive ya crazy!

This 13 piece kumiki style wooden pig puzzle will make you squeal in frustration! Just getting it disassembled is tricky! Putting it all back together is even more difficult! These beautiful wooden puzzles are called "Kumiki" in Japanese. Kumiki, roughly translates to "woven or interlocking wood." They are also known as burr puzzles.

Grape Cluster Puzzle'll wanna get into the wine after solving this one!

Made up of 7 individual bunches of grapes, this wooden puzzle will make wine, no - it will make YOU whine! ...cuz it's a heck of a lot trickier than it looks! Comes in a pretty triangular box with a wooden cover.

Have you seen all the new products we've released over the past few days? Check these out...

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City Planner
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Large Kumiki Elephant
Secret Love Puzzle Box
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JUMBO Pento-Chess
Shape Shifter 18
Shape Shifter 27
Shape Shifter 64
Mini Football Puzzle
Hole In One Golf Game
Mini Jenga

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Hope to see ya soon!


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