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Friday, October 19, 2007 NEW Products Announcement :

  • King Cobra Snake Cube Puzzle
  • Short Circuit Puzzle
  • JUMBO Pento-Chess Pentominoes

Hello! ...from Frik-n-Frak!

Tonight, a look at another three of the more than 20 BRAND NEW products that we're releasing over the days and weeks ahead!

King Cobra Snake Cube Puzzle!
...a NEW and VERY Difficult Design!

The NEW King Cobra Snake Cube Puzzle is an answer to the puzzler that has mastered the traditional 3x3x3 - 27 cube snake cube puzzle - Get ready for the next challenge! The King Cobra represents an exponential increase in difficulty from the popular 3x3x3 snake cubes. This 4x4x4, 64 block design is brutally difficult!

Short Circuit Puzzle!
...a Wonderful Unique Wood and String Puzzle!

Truly a unique and visually striking wooden puzzle!
Remove all six "circuit breakers" from the "circuit box." Now, you have thirty minutes to get all of the plugs back into the correct sockets! Each "wired" circuit breaker has a unique plug design and will only fit back into the circuit box one way!

JUMBO Pento-Chess Pentominoes!
...a Treasure for both Math Lovers and Puzzle Fans!

There are 12 different wooden pieces - each piece made up of 5 unit squares. Combinations of these pieces will make geometric shapes in thousands of different ways. This is perhaps the nicest pentominoes set we have available! Each block is 1" square, with the entire puzzle measuring 9 x 9 x 1 inches. One extra 2x2 piece fills out the square.

Be sure to check out the NEW products that were announced earlier this week!

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