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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

NEW Fascinating Wooden Puzzles and Games at!

Frik-n-Frak's Curio Shack
...adds more than a dozen NEW intriguing products!

As mentioned in our previous entry, we have recently added 15 NEW products to our already extensive selection of wooden puzzles, brain teasers, mind benders and educational games!

In our previous blog entry, we took a look at SHUT THE BOX - the ultimate in world famous bar and tavern games, FOUR SQUARES PUZZLE - a handsome four piece wooden packing puzzle and the delightful 3 PIECE BURR - a new FAVORITE of Frik-n-Fraks!

This time, lets take a look at a few more of the NEW Wooden Puzzles that are available at Frik-n-Frak's . . .

    This is by NO MEANS a "new" puzzle! Although new to Frik-n-Frak's Curio Shack, Pentominoes have been around for a very long time! They are among the most popular wooden games chosen for use in the educational field as they encourage the use of one's imagination and stimulate creative thinking.

    Some of the oldest polyform puzzles first formed as chessboards. An urban legend tells of the famous puzzler, Henry Dudeney, who in a course of a disagreement while playing chess, broke the chessboard over the head of his opponent. By remarkable chance, the result was 12 pieces each made up of 5 chess squares. With a bit of thought, it was discovered that the 12 pieces could be pieced back together to form a full chessboard. The pieces of the board were, in fact, the 12 pentominoes pieces.

    Many people are able to look at these 12 different wooden shapes and identify letters in the alphabet: I,L,P,T,U,V,W,Y,Z. The letter "F" looks like it had a bit of an accident and the letter "N" takes a little imagination.

    If you think building blocks is kid's stuff, try to build the original square pattern that the puzzle is delivered to you in. Try to build a rectangle size 6x10 blocks. Although there are 2339 solutions to the 6x10 rectangle, you'd be proud to find just one! A 5x12 rectangle has 1010 possible solutions! A 5x4x3 Cube has 3940 possible solutions, but there are only 264 possible solutions for a 6x5x2 cube. When you're up for the ultimate challenge, try to find 1 of only 2 possibilities for building a rectangle size 3x20!

    Solid Pentominoes are a must have for any puzzler. They offer an endless variety of challenges at many different levels! The Solid Pentominoes are in stock and available HERE.

    The Salvadore String Game is a Classic Disentanglement Puzzle. Also known as the Mouse Maze, Rat Trap and various other names, this is another of the more popular wooden games that we've recently added. Not only popular, it's a tough disentanglement puzzle!

    The object is to get the mouse (the little wooden ball) and the string through the hole and ring maze and completely off the puzzle. One wrong move and you've made the job even tougher! Talk about a tangled mess!

    The Salvadore String Puzzle displays very nicely in its upright position thanks to a handsome wooden base. Typically, this puzzle is offered without the base. Our version makes it perfect for a desk accessory or coffee table puzzle!

    The Salvador String Puzzle is delivered expertly packaged with a puzzle solution diagram. It can be ordered HERE and shipped to you within 24 hours!

    The AJ Puzzle is a LARGE 6 inch interlocking burr. It's just slightly smaller than our new TAVOR Puzzle, but still larger than most wooden games in its class. Its 12 wooden pieces, when properly assembled, form an octahedron that surround a wooden sphere. The AJ Puzzle is a good looking chunk of geometry that will display very nicely in your office or game room!

    Once you decide it's time to stop looking at it, it's time to get to the challenge! First, you must disassemble the 12 pieces to remove the ball from the structure. Once this task has been completed, try to put it all back together again! Be sure your calendar is clear as this is NOT an easy brain teaser!

    As with ALL of our NEW Wooden Puzzles, a solution sheet is provided with its delivery. To see a picture of the AJ Puzzle or to place your order, click HERE!

We'll continue to examine more of the NEW Wooden Puzzles in future postings! Keep an eye peeled to this blog!

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Look forward to seeing you soon at Frik-n-Frak's Curio Shack!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

NEW Puzzles, Games and Brain Teasers at Frik-n-Frak's!

...adds more than a dozen NEW intriguing products!

In an ongoing effort to offer the most extensive quality selection of wooden puzzles, brain teasers, mind benders and educational games; 15 NEW products have just been released at Frik-n-Frak's Curio Shack!

Over the next several weeks we'll be posting information about these new puzzles, brain teasers and games.

This week, let's take a look at :

  • SHUT THE BOX - The ultimate in world famous bar and tavern games!

    For over two hundred years Shut The Box has been a favorite game among the sailors of France, who introduced it to other countries through the seaport fraternity.

    Shut The Box is an incredibly fun game for the whole family! It is highly educational for the younger ones, too! Heck...they won't even know that they're practicing mathematics!

    Shut The Box is a dice game with no restriction to the number of players. The rules of "Shut The Box" are simple -- Expose all the numbers!

    The first player throws both dice and then proceeds to shut off one or more numbers to the total value of the throw, e.g. 7 may be used to cover the "Number 7" Or, any combination of numbers totaling 7. The dice are thrown continuously by the same player until the total number thrown does not allow any numbers to be closed. At this point the score (total number of remaining open numbers) is recorded. When the uncovered numbers total 6 or less only one dice is thrown. The winner is the player who has the lowest remaining total. Any player who SHUTs THE BOX (closes all numbers) receives double stakes from the other players! The players concerned replay the round until a final decision is reached. The rules can be altered to suit the situation. For instance the winner may the person with the highest or lowest score.

    Frik-n-Frak are completely addicted to this wonderful wooden game! SHUT THE BOX is available for immediate delivery HERE.

  • FOUR SQUARES PUZZLE - a handsome four piece wooden packing puzzle!

    The Four Squares Puzzle is made up of 4 wooden puzzle pieces. Each of the wooden pieces is made up of 2 quadrilaterals. Their shape is not exactly square! The challenge is to place all four pieces into the handsome wooden frame. All of the wooden puzzle pieces must sit flush against the bottom. It takes plenty of patience and perseverance to successfully re-package the wooden fram!

    Object: Position the wooden pieces so they all fit flush into the frame.
    Difficulty: Quite challenging!

    The Four Squares Puzzle is a perfect gift for the collector of intriguing wooden puzzles, mind benders and brain teasers! The Four Squares Puzzle ships with a solution diagram in case you get stuck. More information and secure ordering HERE.

  • 3 PIECE BURR - a new FAVORITE of Frik-n-Fraks!

    Often the simplest designs are the most appealing! Such is the case with this intriguing 3 piece wooden burr!

    Don't let the number of puzzle pieces fool you! This is a tough wooden puzzle! It takes several sliding moves just to remove the first piece. Persistence is key to taking apart the entire assembly. Now...just try putting it back together to its original form!

    Difficulty: Very challenging!

    This 3 piece burr is one of Frik-n-Frak's new elegant and tricky design! It's a must have for any puzzle collection. As with all of our new additions, a puzzle solution diagram is include with the delivery of this wooden puzzle. Click HERE to order yours today!

We'll take a closer look at some of the other new additions in future postings. Keep an eye peeled to this blog!

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Hope to see ya soon at Frik-n-Frak's Curio Shack!