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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The NEW Tavern Puzzle for 2008 has arrived at!

The NEW Tavern Puzzle for 2008 has arrived!'s the BEST EVER!

The latest and greatest addition to the Tavern Puzzles Collection from the folks at Tucker-Jones House is their BEST EVER and is available NOW at Frik-n-Frak's!

Just when you think there's NO WAY that it can get any better, Dennis Sucilsky (the blacksmith) comes along and creates another masterpiece! This one is his Best Ever!

Best Ever is part of the Group 6 Tavern Puzzles classification. As a result, we have added Best Ever to the very popular Tavern Puzzle Value Pack 6!

All the Tavern Puzzles in Group 6 separate into multiple pieces to remove the object ring and all of the pieces have been designed to interact with each other. Pieces can be combined into new creations, giving the puzzle lover a challenge not available in any other brand of metal disentanglement puzzle!

NEW for 2008 BEST EVER Tavern Puzzle!
...Limited Time Introductory Special!

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Just apply Discount Code : FNFBESTEVER
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(This offer applies only to the NEW BEST EVER Tavern Puzzle.)

Hope to see you soon at!


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