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Frik-n-Frak's Curio Shack is a online retail site familiar to many puzzlers! We specialize in offering quality Puzzles Boxes, Wooden Brain Teasers, Metal Mind Benders and Intriguing Curiosities. Who's behind it all? Who are these Frik-n-Frak characters? What do these folks think about and what do they do from day to day? This Blog will attempt to answer some of these questions and more. . .

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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Update from Frik-n-Frak . . .



  • Frik-n-Frak Gift Certificates
  • Customers Revolt!
  • Frik-n-Frak's NEW Shack

Frik-n-Frak Gift Certificates - What a HIT!

In an attempt to answer a recent onslaught of email from confused gift giver-ers... Frik-n-Frak are now offering Frik-n-Frak's Curio Shack Gift Certificates! Tammy Fray from Gary Indiana recently wrote "It's just all so confusing! I don't know what to get him!" There, there Tammy. It's gonna be OK! For sure, our product selection is extensive! One of the best ways to eliminate the worry of selecting the wrong gift is to let the "gift getter" get it! Frik-n-Frak Gift Certificates... what a GREAT idea!

Customers Revolt!
"2 Day Sale too short!" "Thanks for all the notice, Frik-n-Frak!" "Hey! What's the big idea?"

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Shortly after 2:00 AM ( the morning) local officials began to receive reports of a crowd gathering outside the virtual doors of Frik-n-Frak's Curio Shack. Officer Fife commented, "We initially didn't give it much thought. All sorts of weirdos hang out around that shack all the time!" However, the panic calls began to increase. Not only that, but there were more of 'em! At 4:00 AM ( the morning) officials were dispatched to the scene to quiet what had turned into a loud and obnoxious crowd.

Mark Lubow of PayPal, FL was one of the many disgruntled shoppers that morning. Said Mark, "Look...I get this Frik-n-Frak propaganda in my email box on Sunday evening. In the time it takes me to hitch-hike to wherever the heck I am, the crazy sale is over!"

Fred Slicher, who had to sail in from Baltimore, wasn't all too happy either! "What the heck kinda sail is this?" pointing to the remains of the Virginia mountain tattered cloth that remained on the mast of his sale boat. "We do and we do and we DO for these kids, and this is the kind of sail that we get?"

Frik-n-Frak eventually quieted the angry mob by promising another 2 DAY SALE to be held Sunday and Monday (December 5th and 6th). "Typically our customers are so well behaved", said Frak. "Hopefully this type of situation can be prevented in the future."

Frik (of Frik-n-Frak's Curio Shack) indicated that the sale will be identical to the previous one. The Discount Code (which is used at final checkout) will be the same: 2DS@FNF. In addition, each day (starting Friday, November 26th) there will be three different products on sale at Frik-n-Frak's Curio Shack. These products will be featured on the main "Home Page" at Each featured product will enjoy a ONE DAY ONLY discounted price! Both Frik and Frak suggest that you visit daily to take advantage of discounts of more than 25% on these featured products!

No arrests were made.

Frik-n-Frak's NEW Shack!

On December 1st, Frik-n-Frak will be moving into a brand new shack!

Frik-n-Frak's NEW Shack!

"It's long over due!", says Frik. "We've been at the edge of this cow field for too many years! We're excited about our new home!" Coming at just the "perfect" time of year (??), neither Frik or Frak anticipate any disruption in their exceptional customer service during this busy gift giving holiday season. "We've got a good plan in place!", says Frak.

Shipping of product will only be interrupted on the day of the move, Wednesday December 1st.

Frik-n-Frak welcome all those interested in helping them relocate! Says Frik, "We don't need all that much help. Mainly just packing stuff up, loading the U-Haul, moving the REAL heavy stuff and then getting everything moved into the new shack. Aside from that, we're pretty well set!"

It sounds like they really DO have a good plan in place!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Hello World!

Well...Here we go! Plunging into the blogging world without a clue as to what the heck we're doing! To those who know us even a little, this should come as no surprise. We're known for our uncanny ability (a gift if you will) to venture aimlessly into the unknown, bite off more than we can chew and to fearlessly go where no Frik (or Frak for that matter) has gone before.

We haven't a clue where this little experiment will take us. Perhaps it will be a way for us to keep folks informed of developments at Frik-n-Frak's Curio Shack? Maybe it will be a way to make new friends? Perhaps it will serve as a means to help others get to know us a little better? Maybe it will be a method for us to get to know ourselves a little better?

Like most of the things we get involved in, we have absolutely no idea why we're doing this. But everything we've read says that we should be doing this. It's the new thing after all! It's hipp...It's trendy! God knows we want to be cool! Frik has perfected the art of giving into peer pressure! Welcome to our Blog!